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Property Inspections & Building Inspections Perth


Perth Property Inspection

Buying a house is a serious investment decision. Choosing the right home to buy can be stressful for a potential home owner. Many future home owners make the mistake of not taking the time to have a complete property inspection completed before buying their home. It’s true that building inspections in Perth can be costly, but skipping this step can cost you more over the long run if the house you choose to buy has issues.

It is not mandatory for sellers to disclose any structural damage. They are not required to hire a building inspector in Perth to assess their home’s condition. The buyer is left with the choice of asking for a property inspection. Taking in consideration that repairing any eventual building defects would be left in your responsibility, hiring a building inspector before purchasing seems as a very good idea. Even if the building inspection would find some potential issues, a property can still be a good investment, depending of the extent of the damage and how much would be the estimate for the repairs budget.

There are many good services for building inspections in Perth. Before purchasing a house in Perth you may read our online feedback and reviews of previous clients of those services and choose a trustworthy building inspector. They will provide you an unbiased advice and a professional assessment of the home you plan to buy. A building inspector will make a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection of your chosen house and will report to you any areas of concern. They can also give you digital photos of the problem areas to help you in a quick identification and an informed decision. 

Using the services of professional building inspectors will give you the peace of mind that your house purchasing decision is correct before committing further with the transaction. The building inspections in Perth should meet at least the requirements AS4349.1-2007 that are the Australian Standards for building inspections. Many building inspection services are going even in deeper details and exceed those standards.

A basic building inspection will usually check for any possible interior and exterior damages of the house, including the sub-floor space and the roof area. A comprehensive building inspection service will check more details of the house, such as the fencing, stairs, insulation, plumbing, electrical fittings, paint finishes, waterproofing, fixtures, cabinets, kitchen appliances, hardware, and the driveways.

If you build a new home then you also should use the professional services of a building inspection service. By law, if the building contractor made any mistakes and your new home has any defects, than you benefit of a defect liability period of four months. The builder is responsible to rectify the house defects without any additional costs for you, as a homeowner. 

Building inspections in Perth are truly necessary for many reasons. All buildings should meet the Building Codes and Standards, and if the house does not meet those standards you as a homeowner are responsible for repair costs. Inspecting a property is also a safety measure to protect you and your family. Many safety issues are uncovered in our comprehensive reports like trip hazards, fall hazards, incorrect balustrade and handrails.

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