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Unlike some products and services, Building inspections and Building Inspectors are not commodities that should be shopped for the lowest price. Perth Property inspections are not the least expensive or the most expensive building inspection company around, but we are confident that we are priced competitively.

We offer professional advice and provide comprehensive reports which are completed within 24 hours of the home inspection. After the inspection we are available for any questions you might have in relation to the inspection report.

Below is our standard pricing for all concrete slab on ground house types up to and including 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms and one kitchen. Additional costs will be associated with Timber Sub-Floor houses ($50.00), granny flats ($100) and for houses larger than 4 x 2 a quote will be provided.


1.      Pre-purchase Basic Building Inspection $295  Book Now

A Pre-Purchase Basic Building Inspection Report addresses only the structural elements of the building and will let you know if there are any significant structural defects with the house.

The following areas will be inspected where applicable:

  •     The interior of the building (walls, floors & ceiling structure)
  •     The roof space (structure)
  •     The exterior of the building (walls, foundations & grading)
  •     The sub-floor space (structure)
  •     The roof exterior (for deviations of structure)

A structural fault in a property is any area in the structure that has lost its structural integrity. This report is typically 15+ pages and includes photos of the structure. Our building inspectors are certified by Housesafe Inspections, a nationally recognised training and education provider in Pre-Purchase Building Inspections. A sample of this report is available upon request


2.      Pre-Purchase Comprehensive Building Inspection $475  Book Now

Our Pre-Purchase Comprehensive Building Inspection Report includes all of the above in the basic report but we also check:

  • RCD's (safety switches) and smoke detectors

  • Rising damp, moisture in bathroom wall

  • Driveway, paths and steps

  • Windows and doors

  • Electrical fittings, power points and light fittings

  • Oven, range hood, cooktop and air conditioning

  • Plumbing Fixtures and fittings, toilets, baths, vanity basins, sinks and taps

  • Kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinets, and benchtops

  • Stairs, balustrade and handrails

  • Roofing, gutters, valleys, downpipes, eaves, fascia, barges and flues

  • Sarking and Insulation

  • Boundary fencing

  • Surface water drainage

This comprehensive building report includes a complete inspection on the condition of your home. This report is usually 40+ pages and includes photos of the structure, fixtures, and fittings. Whether you are purchasing a new home or have concerns about your existing one, we strongly recommend this building inspection. A sample of this report can be seen on our website.

If the house has a granny flat there will be an additional cost of $100, If the house has more that two bathrooms or one kitchen there could be an additional cost call us to discuss.

If you book a Pool Barrier Safety Inspection at the same time the cost will only be $55. Take advantage of this special offer if you are at all unsure about the barriers surrounding the pool.


3.      Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection $198

Before you buy a house in Perth, you will need to have a timber pest inspection report prepared to make sure the property is not infested by termites or other timber pests. The purpose of the Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report is to assist you - the Client - to identify and understand any Timber Pest issues observed at the time of inspection.  

Perth Property Inspections does not complete timber pest inspections but we work with local contactors that we recommend and we can organise for them to be at the property at the same time as the building inspection is taking place.

The inspection will include the following:

  • termite activity; past or present
  • past termite treatments where evidence is visible or paperwork is provided 
  • areas of possible bridging or breaching of existing termite barrier
  • areas with excessive moisture
  • sub floor ventilation problems
  • areas & conditions conductive to infestation 
  • areas where inspection was restricted or not possible
  • evidence of timber fungal decay damage
  • evidence of wood borer activity or damage
  • recommendations to help prevent future termite attack
  • possible safety hazards that may result from damage caused by timber pest 


4.      Practical Completion Inspection $495  Book Now

The Practical Completion Inspection Report is the builders final ‘To Do’ list at handover. 

At this stage we will check:

  •    Fixtures and fittings have been installed correctly,

  •    Appropriate sealing has been made to the wet areas,

  •    External treatments have been completed and the workmanship is acceptable, 

  •    Paint finishes are of a quality standard,

  •    All hardware is fitted and works including all doors & windows

  •    All plumbing and electrical devices have been completed and functioning correctly,

  •    All cabinets are operational

  •    Signs of poor workmanship

  •    Roof structure and tie down requirements 

This inspection report will outline all defects that require attention. Each defect is marked with a coloured sticker for easy identification by the builder and the contractors. We perform a detailed inspection for every facet including the exterior and interior of the home. A sample of this report is available upon request.


5.      Defects Liability Period Inspection $395  Book Now 

For contracts that fall within the threshold of $7,500 to $500,000 the builder is liable to make good, without additional cost, defects in the building work that have been notified in writing within 4 months of practical completion. The 4 months can be extended if agreed by both parties and it has been specified in the contract.

The 4 months defects liability period applies from 'practical completion' which means brought to the stage where the home building work is completed except for any omissions or defects which do not prevent the home building work from being reasonably capable of being used for its intended purpose.

Most new homeowners do not realise that the responsibility is on them to contact the builder in writing within the 4 months. Often this milestone goes past and the inspection never gets done. The inspection report will identify all maintenance issues which can then be sent to the builder.

The importance of getting a complete inspection done cannot be emphasised enough. Homeowners that fail to get any building defects in writing are essentially responsible whether it was their fault or not. This can easily be avoided by having a proper structural inspection done to identify problematic areas. A sample of this report is available upon request.


6.      Roof Frame Inspection $295  Book Now

In Western Australia the common way to build a roof is by using a 'conventional' timber roof structure. It is a different type of construction to timber or steel roof trusses which are engineered and built in a factory. A conventional roof is built by a carpenter on site using timber that needs to be cut on site and fitted in its correct position. Additional to this are tie-down requirements that actually hold the roof down to the walls and foundations of the house so that the roof does not blow off in a storm or cyclone. So in this type of construction there is more room for mistakes to be made.

The standards for roof construction are set out in Australian Standard 1684.2 and for new homes there are usually engineering drawings that detail how the roof of your new home will be constructed. Our inspector will use these plans to inspect what has been constructed and the report will itemise any area that does not comply with AS 1684.2 and the engineering plans.


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Whether you have plans to buy a new home or have concerns with your building, we provide complete structural inspections at affordable prices. All reports are also completed within 24 hours and provide a complete overview for your home’s condition.


Contact us for more details or book a property inspection today using our online form.

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