Property Inspections & Building Inspections Perth


Property Inspections & Building Inspections Perth



We provide several tailored home inspection reports for customers anywhere in Perth. Through our years of experience in the building industry, our knowledge is based off of real work done throughout the suburbs. As such we believe our perspective and expertise is highly relevant and valuable as we are people passionate about what we do, with the knowledge to back it up. As such through our process, acquiring a property report in Perth has never been easier.


We have assessed multiple different property conditions over the years and no problem will be new to us. We can work alongside you to provide a thorough inspection of your property with key areas highlighted in the detailed report we will give you. Building inspections are much more than just a quick look over of the property, but need a trained eye and targeted process to make sure that nothing is missed and everything is addressed.

We know that no two homes are the same and that’s why we have spared no expense with the tailoring of four unique packages in order to properly assess every part of your home.

It is no secret that real-estate is one of the most, if not the most precious asset anyone can own. Through the years of experience we have had assessing property in Perth and Western Australia, we can inspect and find damages and potential problems that others would miss. We believe that we offer a unique perspective with the many years of building experience, prior to our direction in inspecting and providing detailed reports for customers. This means that we aren’t at all foreign with building sites and workers as we have built over 250 homes throughout our years on the job.

Across the four different packages Perth Property Inspections offer we know that your home will be in great hands. Through the range of our unique packages we believe you will find the package that is the most tailored to you and what your property needs. As stated previously no home or customer is the same and that is why we pride ourselves on our ability to work through the process side by side with any customers, addressing their every need.

Pre-Purchase Basic Building Inspection Report

We provide two building inspection reports, with the basic report including a thorough inspection of the structural elements in the home with a focus on the Interior wall, floor and ceiling structure, exterior wall, roof structure and sub floor space. We know that the building process is a costly one and that is why having a general inspection can still save thousands of dollars and is a wise investment into your home. Our heart is to make the building process as stress free as possible and knowing your property is covered for all the things mentioned in the basic inspection, will make a world of a difference.

Pre-Purchase Comprehensive Building Inspection Report

The comprehensive package includes all that the basic inspection includes with additional extras. It is important to address every area of your home as problems never surface where we want them to. In this package we reduce as much of your workload as possible and inspect all the things mentioned in the basic package including most other parts of the home such as the driveways and paths, the electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures and the kitchen appliances for good working order and finally the stairs, roofing, insulation and fencing is also assessed. This package is highly recommended for older homes and includes detailed photos of any damaged/ potentially problematic areas.

Practical Completion Inspection Report

The practical completion report focuses on any defects or incomplete finishes that require attention. It includes the assessment of the fixtures, roof cladding, paint finishes, hardware, plumbing, cabinets and roof structure. This package is great for any new purchases to ensure all work is being done to a high standard. Any areas that are incomplete and are within this package will be marked for the builder to easily identify and address the problem.

Defects Liability Period Inspection Report

Finally we have the Defects liability period inspection report which refers to the 4 month period that builders are responsible to rectify and address any problems or issues that arise without additional expense to the homeowner. Homeowners generally do not take advantage of this period until it is too late due to either negligence, laziness or inability to identify areas of concern. This package ensures that any issues will be addressed with no further costs arising in the building and is an investment to ensure that problems that could otherwise be cost free, don’t fall on the homeowner.


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