Property Inspections & Building Inspections Perth


Property Inspections & Building Inspections Perth



Plasterboard Ceiling Collapses

Ceiling collapses can cause serious injury to occupants and damage the contents of the room. Sometimes there are no warning signs that the ceiling is about to fail, it should be expected that once a ceiling is installed it should last the lifetime of the home.

Metal Roof Construction

In April 2016 the Western Australia Building Commission published a comprehensive report on how well sheet metal roofs were being constructed in WA. The main reason for this report was an analysis of all wind damage in the metropolitan region which indicated because of the change in material and construction practice in Perth that many metal clad roofs do not meet the performance requirements as set out in the Australian Standards, Building Codes and National Construction Code.

Smoke Alarm Laws

The Building Regulations 2012 require the owner of a house to have compliant smoke alarms installed prior to the transfer of ownership at time of settlement.

To comply the smoke alarms need to be installed in the house at a location that complies to the Building Code of Australia, AND is not older that 10 years, AND is in working order, AND is permenantly connected to mains power.

Masonry Cracking

Cracking in brickwork is a common issue in Perth homes. The type of construction in Perth is different to other parts of the country where the use of brick veneer and timber framing is more the norm. Most of the cracking seen in Perth homes is usually due to settlement of the structure over time. The loads placed on internal wall because of a conventional roof system also plays a part in the settlement process.

Highly professional building inspections in Perth.

Perth Property Inspection

Buying a house is a serious investment decision. Choosing the right home to buy can be stressful for a potential home owner. Many future home owners make the mistake of not taking the time to have a complete property inspection completed before buying their home. It’s true that building inspections in Perth can be costly, but skipping this step can cost you more over the long run if the house you choose to buy has issues.

Destructive Steel

When does steel become destructive? Steel is widely used in the building industry as a material that has very strong structural properties. It can also be the cause of some expensive structural repairs! If left unchecked and not properly maintained steel will RUST. When the rust has set in it will naturally keep rusting until the element collapses. When steel rusts it expands and this is where things can start getting expensive. 

Chemical Delignification

What is Chemical Delignification?

Prior to the early 1990's chemical Delignifaction was referred to by many as Hairy Timber.

Chemical Delignification describes the deterioration in it's true form, the lignin in timber is damaged by airborne chemicals.

Roof Struts

Roof struts support underpurlins in your roof which in turn support the rafters that your roof covering is nail or screwed to. Therefore it is important that struts are in place to transfer the load of the underpurlin to the foundation of the house.

Water Leaks

Water leaks potential can cause a lot of damage and expense if not picked up on straight away. Typical water leaks can be found in the bathroom usually as a result of a water proofing problem associated with the shower base. Also cracked roof tiles or poorly fitted flashings can let water enter into your roof space.

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