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We service all suburbs of Perth and surrounding areas.


1.      Pre-Purchase Basic Building Inspection Report

A Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection Report addresses only the structural elements of the building. The following areas will be inspected where applicable:

  1.     The interior of the building.
  2.     The roof space.
  3.     The exterior of the building.
  4.     The sub-floor space.
  5.     The roof exterior.

A structural fault in a property is any area in the structure that has lost its designed structural integrity. This report is usually 10+ pages and includes photos of the structure.


2.      Pre-Purchase Comprehensive Building Inspection Report 

A Pre-Purchase Comprehensive Building Inspection Report includes all of the above in the 'basic' PLUS we also check:

  •    RCD's (safety switches) & Smoke detectors
  •    Driveways, paths & steps
  •    Windows & doors
  •    Electrical fittings, power points & light fittings
  •    Oven, rangehood, cooktop & airconditioning
  •    Plumbing Fixtures and fittings, toilets, baths, vanity basins, sinks & taps
  •    Kitchen, bathroom & laundry cabinets and benchtops
  •    Stairs
  •    Roofing, gutters, valleys, downpipes, eaves, fascia, barges, skylights, vents & flues
  •    Sarking & Insulation
  •    Boundary fencing
  •    Surface water drainage

It is a complete and extensive report of the condition of your home. This report is usually 30+ pages and includes photos of the structure, fixtures and fittings.

If the house also has a pool we have a special rate for doing the pool safety barrier inspection at the same time as the building inspection. Please see our Pricing page for this special offer. 


3.      Handover Inspection Report

The Handover Inspection Report is the builders final ‘To Do’ list at handover. At this stage we will check:

  •    Fixtures and fittings have been installed correctly,
  •    Appropriate sealing has been made to the wet areas,
  •    External treatments have been completed and the workmanship is acceptable, 
  •    Paint finishes are of a quality standard,
  •    All hardware is fitted and works including all doors & windows
  •    All plumbing and electrical devices have been completed and functioning correctly,
  •    All cabinets are operational

This inspection report will outline all defects that require attention including the appropriate photos. The length of the report will be determined by the number of defects.


4.      Six Month Maintenance Inspection Report  

When building a new home your contract will state that the builder is required to do a 6 month maintenance inspection. The builder only has to do this however if the owner notifies the builder within the first six months that there are some items they want the builder to fix. Most new home owners don't realise that the onus is on them to contact the builder so often this milestone goes past and the inspection never gets done. We can help you address this issue by inspecting your house in the 5th month which then gives you plenty of time to contact the builder to arrange the issues to be rectified. The inspection report will identify all maintenance issues and appropriate photos. The length of this report will be determined by the number of maintenance items.


5.      Pool Safety Inspection Report

Pool safety is important, every week it is reported that a child 0 to 5 years of age drowns in Australia. It is estimated that a further six children a week are admitted to hospital after an immersion incident. Our Pool Safety Inspection Report checks that the pool barriers meet the Australian Standard  1926.1 – 2007 Parts 1 & 2. Legislation in Western Australia requires that the owner maintains the barrier in such a condition that it functions at ALL times.

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