Property Inspections & Building Inspections Perth


Property Inspections & Building Inspections Perth


Highly professional building inspections in Perth.

If you want to enjoy great peace of mind when moving into your newly purchased or built home, we are the guys that have got your back. This is because we offer highly professional and friendly building inspection Perth services that you will love. We have vast experience when it comes to conducting inspections for both new and old residential buildings. You will get a detailed report of the condition of the house to know clearly what you are getting into. This lets you avoid all the numerous traps that are laid out for unsuspecting individuals when buying or building a new home.

To make certain that you are working with a reputable building inspection Perth firm, it is important that you note that our building inspector is a registered builder. We are also members of various professional bodies thus you can be assured that we offer top notch services that meet industry standards to make sure that you end up getting nothing but the very best. We also work with professional indemnity insurance that lets you know that you are in great hands. Most of the time the services offered normally exceeds customer expectations.

All the reports are made available within the shortest period of time where clients can access them usually within 24 hours as a PDF document that is emailed directly to the customer. They are also confidential and can’t land in third parties hands without your consent. The reports normally include summary, colored photos and they are normally user friendly meaning that they are very easy to view and read. In case you have any questions, you can contact us any time you want to get clarification on the report. This will definitely allow you to move into the house with confidence knowing that you know its current condition. It is also possible to attend the inspections with the building inspection Perth professionals if you feel like you want to be part of the process. This way, you can be able to confirm that the materials as well as workmanship used on the building are up to par.

You do not have to worry about getting exploited when seeking our services as we go out of our way to offer competitive prices that the clients love. This usually depends on the age, size and location of the home unit as well as the type of report that you want from building inspection Perth. You can also get a free quote from our site to enable you to budget and plan for a successful inspection.

Some of the services that you can enjoy with our company include basic building inspection, comprehensive building inspection, special purpose reporting, verbal building advice, under construction reporting and practical completion inspections among many others. This gives clients the liberty to pick the building inspection Perth services you need the most. You can also read some of our clients testimonials that we have worked for before to know some of the reasons why we come highly recommended. 

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